UP! Beverages LLC introduces the new UP! family of functional 2 oz beverage shots. Energy Shots provide a long lasting and convenient source of energy without the volumes of sugar and liquid that eventually slow you down. Our goal is to vastly improve upon this category by providing products with:

Superior Performance

Our 2125mg Energy Blend is 18% more than the leading competitors in the 2 oz Energy Shot category. UP! works great for hours with NO Sugar and ZERO Calories, and an Amino Acid blend that improves Performance and Concentration†. Without the Jitters or Crash, UP! is simply the most efficient energy source on the market.

Great Taste

Our Berry and Grape flavors have very pleasant and appealing tastes which add to customer satisfaction. UP! is the one Energy Shot that doesn’t need a chaser afterwards.


Exceptional Value

At the introductory suggested price of $1.99 per shot, UP! provides a far greater VALUE than the other Energy Drinks and Shots on the market. UP! is a product that is focused on customer satisfaction in all the facets of our product, and we are confident that once you try our UP! Energy Shot, you will appreciate all of its advantages and make it your Energy source of choice.

Sold in packs of 12